6 Seat Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture Set. An extra 10% off this weekend

We offer a wide choice of designs, shapes and prices. There are two oval shaped sets, the  Countess and the Chatsworth; Two round sets, the 150cms round Marlborough with inset Lazy Susan and the 120cms round Windsor and one rectangular set, the Sandringham.


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6 Seater Sets

Sandringham Rectangular. Premium

Sandringham rectangular patio set. Normal price £1449. Reduced to £1130 including cushions.

Price: £1,130.00

Countess oval - Premium

A generous oval set for 6 or 8 people. Reduced from £1349 to £1095 including cushions.

Price: £1,095.00

Chatsworth Oval set. Premium.

Chatsworth. 6 seater oval table for 4 or 6 people. Normal price with 6 chairs; £1249. Reduced to ...

Price: £935.00

Windsor Round set. Premium.

Windsor – A medium sized round table for 4-6 people. Normal price £1249. Reduced to £935 including ...

Price: £935.00

Marlborough Round Set. Premium

Marlborough – A round table with inset lazy Susan. Comfortably seats 6. Normal price £1379. Reduced ...

Price: £1,095.00

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