We recommend that you do your research before choosing your cast aluminium garden furniture.  One of the biggest advantages of it is the lack of maintenance required.  Our furniture can be cleaned with a power washer or just with warm soapy water. Another big advantages is its durability. It will last you for many years and still look as good as new.  Your purchase could well be the last purchase that you ever make on garden furniture. However, like most products there are vast differences in quality, price and durability.  If you live in a windy location, you want to be sure that your table and chairs will not get blown around by the wind so check the weight of the furniture, particularly the chairs. Our stacking armchairs are 9.5 kilograms each. This, coupled with the fact that they have many holes in the design, means that the wind passes straight through and they do not move, even in a gale.
                               Consider the following when choosing aluminium garden furniture
The first thing to consider when you are going to buy aluminium garden furniture is the size. Measure the space you have in your garden and allow extra to give you room to pull the chairs out from the table. Each of our products gives recommended floor areas to assist you. so you can choose the right size.  

Design and colour
Another consideration is the design.  Think about the colour and design of your house and the     surrounding area. Do you have white or cream rendered walls overlooking your garden? If so, then   the cream coloured furniture may be a good choice. Do you have arched windows? If so, consider   are  "Monastery" chairs with the arched seat back design.  What colour surface is your furniture   going  to sit on? If you have Indian sandstone then this lends itself nicely to bronze furniture. If you   have wooden decking, this contrasts nicely with bronze or black furniture. Perhaps you have slate or   you are going to site your furniture on grass? In this case, consider cream coloured furniture.

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. The market is flooded with cheap, lightweight furniture made from aluminium tubing. This will blow around in the wind and will easily break. It may only last you a couple of years. There is also the solid durable option that is more expensive but will last you a lot longer and ultimately be much better value for money. You have to buy the aluminium furniture based on your budget. If you do not want to purchase everything at once why not start off with a small set and add to your collection over time. You can include benches, sun loungers, parasols, sofa sets bistro sets and much more. 

Four Seasons garden furniture supplies a high quality durable range of aluminium garden furniture. We do not change our designs so your choice will always be available in years to come should you wish to add to your collection. If you are looking for the cheapest alternative, you will not buy from us but if you are looking for quality and value for money, then we are well worth considering.