The classic English garden has evolved over time and taken on many guises, from for formality of seventeenth-century styles, the sweeping parklands of Capability Brown to the wild natural look of the Arts and Crafts movement. But even with the popularity of today's modern designs with their minimalist planting schemes, the simplicity and romance of the English country garden still typifies what we understand as the classic English garden. Bring together pretty fragrance flowers, culinary herbs, garden buildings and a peaceful place to sit and you have the ingredients you need.

Life for the modern man is becoming more stressful as the years go by and we need as many ways to soothe our tired souls we can get. Relaxing in your own back garden enjoying the post-work hours is one of the most inexpensive ways to release stress. Watching the sunset go down on the horizon as you sip your favourite tipple and thinking about all of life's blessings. It doesn’t get much better.

Chilling out in your own garden haven won't be as relaxing of course without comfortable garden seating. Suitable garden furniture to meet your needs is essential.

Aluminium garden furniture is the best choice for long lasting patio sets, benches, sun loungers and much more. Aluminium garden furniture will not add to the stresses of everyday life. It is stress and worry free. So what if it rains? It won’t be affected. Aluminium has been a favourite material for things that have to endure years of sun, storm and moisture. This super functional metal is used in transportation, packaging, appliances, cooking utensils, cooking appliances, heat sinks, etc. Because a layer of aluminium oxide is formed when the surface is exposed to oxygen, raw aluminium has a high degree of resistance to rust and corrosion.

To provide extra protection from the elements, outdoor furniture made from aluminium is coated with a layer of coloured polyester powder through an electro-static process and baked on the metal's surface. This gives the furniture its colour and gives it added protection by sealing it further from the elements.

Furniture makers started making use of aluminium for outdoor use in the 1960s and first became popular in the U.S. Back then though, aluminium furniture for garden and outdoors were made of hollow tubing which is very practical with its cheap price and low weight, but not very good in high winds and extreme weather conditions.

Nowadays, good quality aluminium garden furniture is made out of sturdier solid cast aluminium is this is enjoying increasing popularity in England because of its suitability to rough weather, withstanding high winds, cold winters and even snow and ice. This offers far more durability than the hollow-core type found at the cheaper end of the market...

Once you've decided to put your hard earned money on aluminium furniture for your garden, taking care of it is relatively trouble-free. Because of its tough powder-coat finish, the metal inside is thoroughly sealed and protected. The only thing you have to worry about is the coating itself as it can get eroded coming into contact with suntan lotion, sweat, body oil and sea spray.

Protecting the finish of aluminium garden furniture is just like taking care of a car's paint job- Turtle Wax or plain dishwashing soaps every two or three weeks will ensure it'll keep its appearance looking like new. . Durability will last for generations and because of the metal's light weight, moving it around will take minimal effort.