Cleaning and maintaining garden furniture is a chore at the best of times. How much of this do you have to do each year?

Wooden garden furniture - Clean, sand down, glue where split, oil, stain, paint, replace rusted or corroded screws and fixings.

Time taken. 1-2 days, Cost of stain, paint etc. £50 per year.  Stress and boredom level - High

Rattan Garden Furniture - Clean off mould and mildew. Remove stains, remove dirt and debris from the gaps in the weave, try and straighten if warped, dry out, 

Time taken half a day, cost of cleaning products £25 per year. Stress and boredom level - Medium

Cast Aluminium Garden furniture. - Wipe down with warm soapy water, pressure wash, sit back and enjoy.

Time taken; 20 Minutes. Stress and boredom level - Zero.

Which one would you choose?