A splash of colour in the garden in the winter is a welcome tonic during this dull cold time of year. Positioning your winter flowering shrubs is very important. As you will probably not spend so much time in the garden during the winter months, plant your winter shrubs where they can be seen from inside the house or conservatory.

You may choose to plant them in tubs or containers in which case you have a choice of positioning. The added advantage is that you can move them to shelter during adverse weather or frost. Listed below are our top ten winter flowering shrubs which will grow and survive in most garden situations. 
1. Camellias; Some will flower early than others so choose carefully according to when you would like to see the colour. Flowers can be white pink or red. Camellias will grow up to 20' tall in an ideal environment. Plant in containers or straight into a border
2. Snowdrops; Perennial herbaceous plants that grow from bulbs. Often known as a British native wildflower. They produce bell shaped white flower during the winter months. 
3. Daphne; A species of deciduous evergreen shrub. They are known for their scented flowers and poisonous berries. There are between 50 and 95 species. Flowers are grouped in clusters giving a good display of colour. 
4. Hellebores; Also known as the Christmas rose for obvious reasons. They are perennial plants with elegant flowers which brighten up any winter garden. Flowers can often be hidden by the leaves so prune if necessary to get the full effect of the colour. 
5. Witch Hazel; Also known as Hamamelis. It is fragrant shrub with spider like flowers in yellow, orange and red. A must for brightening up the Winter garden. 
6. Bergenia; White and pink bell shaped flowers in early spring. Good as ground cover. Likes a moist soil. 
7. Chaenomeles; Various species of spring flowering deciduous shrubs. Spiny leaves. Often bearing fruit after flowering. Variety of coloured flowers depending upon species. 
8. Mahonia Japonica; Evergreen shrubs with spiky leaves. Fragrant yellow flowers in winter and spring followed by black or red berries. The three main species are known as faith, hope and charity.
9. White Forsythia; Deciduous climbers with white or pale yellow flowers in late winter or early spring. Good against a sheltered wall. Semi hardy. May need frost protection. 
10.Japanese Pieres; very popular shrub with white or rose coloured flowers than form in late winter or early spring.7 different species which can grow to 6 metres tall.