There is a multitude of choice when it comes to buying garden furniture. Like most things in life, you will get what you pay for. The cheapest online suppliers will sell light weight furniture made from aluminium tubing. The guarantee will probably only be a couple of years and the life span fairly short. The cushions and parasols will be basic and probably not last more than a season. If your purchasing decision is purely price led, then you will probably buy from one of these suppliers.  However, if you would prefer to purchase a quality product that is robust and durable and will stand up to the elements of the Brtish weather, then you may prefer to spend a little bit more and order cast aluminium garden furniture that will last.

We fall into the second of the above categories. We do not pretend nor try to be the cheapest online, but we do believe that we offer the best value. When comparing our products to other companies, look at the range and prices from companies such as Hartman and Bramblecrest. They offer a similar quality product with a good length guarantee.  We will happily price match any quotation received from either of these two companies.