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Customers often ask us how our furniture range compares in both quality and price with other suppliers of cast aluminium garden furniture. To answer these questions we have produced the following comparison, between our furniture and two other established companies whom we consider to be on a level with ourselves in terms of price and quality. The prices listed in the table below are based on the closest matches in terms of table size and shape and chair design. All prices are inclusive of cushions and delivery.

Study conducted April 2015.


Four Seasons



4 seater round set

Premium Ranges

Windsor. Available in Black, Bronze, Stone. £729

Amalfi. Available in Bronze £799

Naples. Available in Black or Stone. £867

4 seater round set.

Value ranges

Buckingham. Available in Black, Bronze, Stone. £549

Berkeley. Available in Bronze £595

Barcelona. Available in Black or Stone £571

6 seater round set

Premium ranges

Marlborough.Available in Black, Bronze, Stone. £1149

Amalfi. Available in Bronze. £1049

Rome. Available in Black or Stone. £1422

8 seater round/oval set. Value ranges

Regent. Available in Black, Bronze, Stone £1689


Turin. Available in Black, Stone. £1989.

The above is a small selection of each supplier’s products. However the trend is consistent across the range. Four Seasons are price competitive, offer better colour choice and equal or better the quality of furniture supplied by two of the United Kingdom’s leading suppliers.

When comparing us with other companies on the internet, please use the following guidelines. Our Value range should be used to compare like for like products with Rathwood, Outside Edge, Lazy Susan furniture. Our Premium range should be used to compare like for like products with Bramblecrest and Hartmann