The product is excellent and straight forward to install.

The following areas of service could be improved:

1.        Date and expected time of delivery, either am or pm should be confirmed in advance (via email or text) and you should advise that a person is required to help unload the items. There was only one person delivering the item and my wife had to help with unloading. The delivery driver did not have any form of lifting device for the heavy items. Rubber dimpled gloves were provided but this does not solve the problem of ladies lifting heavy weights! It would also help to state the weight of each package delivered on the order form.

2.        The rubber screw-in adjusting feet for chairs and table legs are great. I would like to buy these online for future replacements?

3.       The central trim turntable is an innovative feature of the table supplied. Does this require any form of protection during the winter months other than the occasional dose of WD40?.

I shall be pleased to recommend your products to others. The overall design and standard of finish is very good.


John Challoner


Mr Challinor purchased the Marlborough round patio set with inset lazy Susan. May 2015.  (When delivery is undertaken by a third party transport company, we are reliant upon the local depot to provide a satisfactory level of service. In the majority of cases the drivers are very helpful and efficient.)