There are signs of warmth in the air and the sun is getting stronger. We will soon be out in the garden once again, preparing for spring. One of the many jobs needing doing is the cleaning of the garden furniture. Of course, you may be unlucky enough to have wooden furniture which, at best, will need rubbing down and staining again or at worst will fall apart as soon as you move it. Your may also be one of the unlucky ones who has rattan furniture which has gone mouldy and full of dirt between the fine gaps in the weave. This will be a nightmare to clean and take for ever. Even worse, your furniture could have warped with the damp and look tired and out of shape.

You may, however, be one of the lucky ones who took the sensible decision to invest in cast aluminium garden furniture. If so, your task of cleaning will take less than 20 minutes. All that is required is a pressure washer or a bucket of warm soapy water and your furniture will look as new in next to no time.

This is why so many people now choose to purchase cast aluminium garden furniture. It is so easy to clean and requires zero maintenance. Our cast aluminium garden furniture is designed to be left outside year round and it will look as good as the day you took delivery come the next Spring. Furthermore, it dries in minutes so you can use it straight after a rain shower.